The mission

None of us were here when the sky began.

Every time we lie back in a dark place and look into the night sky we see what eighty percent of humanity has lost:  Our planet is an outpost, a sweeping overlook on the universe.

The mission of Dark Sky Preserve is to share the view.



Where we are headed

The mission of Dark Sky Preserve is just beginning. We are in a time when a virus is still sweeping the world. Plans for touring are upended and often terminated. People are still shy to come to indoor concerts.

For this reason the musicians and poet of Dark Sky Preserve want to perform their works outdoors as much as possible. We are also looking at small venues where we can present an intimate concert and stream it to a larger audience.

And in the very spirit of this project, we are actively reaching out to dark sky preserves, so we can perform and improvise music under the stars.


How to contact

If you know a place where people would enjoy listening to the poems, ideas and music of Dark Sky Preserve, or if you’d like to comment on the project, please get in touch with us! We’re open to ideas both wild and welcoming.

You can reach us at:


To perform these works

Musicians interested in performing the work can listen to Dark Sky Preserve on Bandcamp  and find the scores in the book. Please get in touch and tell us about your projects!


To support Dark Sky Preserve

If you’d like to support Dark Sky Preserve there are lots of ways you can be part of it.
You can purchase the book and the record as soon as they become available.
A special signed, limited edition gift pack will include the book, the record and a planisphere showing how the sky overhead changes every evening and every season.
If you know a place where facets of this could be presented—a school, a gallery, a performance space, a lecture series—think about inviting us!
A percentage of all sales will go to supporting This organization works to make the wonder of the dark night sky available to as many of us as possible.

Dark Sky Preserve could not have been made without the amazing support of the Canada Council for the Arts.